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First Amendment Research Information

Court Cases - Freedom of Religion

American Center for Law and Justice
Contains archives of cases from the present and past terms of the Supreme Court and other lower courts.

American Civil Liberties Union
Summaries of and ACLU press releases on Supreme Court rulings from several of the Court’s terms.

Becket Fund for Religious Liberty
Provides detailed summaries of current religious liberty cases, along with the full text of the Court’s decision for many cases.

Search for court cases on any freedom of religion topic.

First Amendment Cyber-Tribune
Summaries of the high court's rulings on freedom of religion and other issues, beginning with the current term and going back, term by term. Pages will be gradually expanded.

Freedom Forum’s First Amendment Center
History of the Supreme Court, biographies of its current justices and detailed discussion of dozens of freedom of religion cases from the last 10 years.

Liberty Counsel
Several resources on religious freedom cases in the U.S. Supreme Court and federal and state courts.

Rutherford Institute
Archive of current religious freedom cases.

USA Today: The Supreme Court
Recent decisions analyzed and explained, search engine for other decisions not posted.

USA Today: Supreme Court Decisions
Browse and search US Supreme Court decisions since 1893.