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"Keep It Strong" Posters

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Offer valid in the United States only.
Appropriate for 8th grade through adult.
Available in English and Spanish

These bright, attention-grabbing posters promote knowledge and appreciation of the First Amendment. They emphasize that the First Amendment protects our rights to express ourselves freely and read or listen to whatever we choose. They also promote tolerance and understanding.

Posters may be ordered, free of charge, from the Illinois First Amendment Center. A $5.00 per set shipping and handling charge will apply.


About the Posters

Express Yourself

This poster features a teenage boy with ears missing and eyes and mouth blotted out, symbolizing restrictions of his rights to listen to, look at, and say what he wants. The text stresses that expression is something protected by the First Amendment — something that cannot be prevented just because it may not be pleasing to others.


This modern poster depicts an alternatively-fashioned teenage girl with a tape-covered mouth, symbolizing the restriction of her right to express herself. The text emphasizes the importance of preventing censorship because of its infringement on Constitutional free speech rights.


This poster features a young man with the entire First Amendment tattooed on his back, publicly displaying his right to say, think, or read anything he chooses. The text emphasizes that under the protection of the First Amendment, Americans are able to proudly express their personalities, thoughts and beliefs.

It's Your Right

This poster indicates that stating opinions and expressing one’s beliefs are things protected foremost by the First Amendment, and that whether you are right or wrong, you have a right to be heard. The image shows a teenage girl wearing a top that says “Peace, not war” without hindrance from those who may disagree with her opinion.